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The Original

Pocket Billboard



We here at “The Original Pocket Billboard”

Thank you for your interest in The “Original” Pocket Billboard. This Unique, Creative and Functional Give Away Premium, or Hand out for assorted Information, was Created by Steven J. Epstein, National Sales Manager at Space Age Laminating and Bindery, Co., Inc. DBA Clinton Custom Products out of Houston, TX for over 50 Years!!

The Pocket Billboard is 26 Pages of Customized Images, Information and Possible Ads, (to offset cost of Unit), in an accordion folded inner paper sandwiched between 2-1 Millimeter credit card size Magnets with an overall thickness including inner paper of 2-3 Millimeters.

The unit can be customized for Any industry. Others have used The Pocket Billboard for Sports Promotional Giveaways. Companies with a large number of employees use the unit for all corporate contacts (Police Departments, Governmental Departments, Parks and Recreation, Dept. of Transportation) and the unit is filled with all contacts of that Body. Automotive companies utilize the Pocket Billboard unit as a Quick Reference Manual and Concise Emergency guide with or without Ads. Universities Love ’em!

Religious Groups have used the product for Prayers. Others, for Quick reference instructional info, New Product releases, a Great Thank You to your client and/or customer Base, Concerts, Menus, Maps, Instructions, discounts, Safety standards, Menus, coupons and so much more…

We supply the Template. You fill in your own artwork and remit back to us. We process and run proof samples and contact all parties involved in the Unit (advertiser’s proofs, teams, departments). With a Minimum Order quantity of 2500 units and production capacity of up to 100,000 units within a few weeks.

The Pocket Billboard remains Unique and is loved by all that “feel” the product (It’s Got “Hand” (feels heavy when held!). It comes packed individually in a Clear Poly bag.

It’s a great way to inform, educate, and can be used for “quick reference”, Instructional, Give Away, Stocking Stuffer, Study guide, Formulas, and “Thank You” Item and it’s only available through The Pocket Billboard. Where… “the Possibilities are endless!…”