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Clinton Custom Products

Clinton Custom Products was founded by Clinton and Shelly Nesloney in January 1965 with the intention of providing the best laminating and bindery services to the Houston area. Over the years it has grown its offering to indexing, vinyl printing, and tally book creation and continues to be family owned and operated to this day. 

The name, Clinton Custom Products, is a tribute to the founder and creator of this 50 year old company, but it also serves as an insight into how we do business. We treat our customers like family. We understand the needs, pressure, and timeline our customers are under and strive daily to surpass their expectations. 

We are proudly celebrating over 50 years of offering quality products and professional service. As mentioned above our offerings include laminating services, custom bindery services, and indexing. We also specialize in high quality digital printing direct to vinyl, have created a new line of amazing products including Quick Notes!, custom tally books and custom binders of all types.

Join the Clinton family and call us today! 

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