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Alpha-Doc® MK4 Automatic Punch

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  • High Productivity – With its new top speed of 90 cycles/minute and the large capacity of the high pile feeder
    and reception trays (6 reams of paper), the Alpha-Doc® MK4 can punch up to 65 reams of paper per hour
    without the permanent presence of the operator is required.
  • Versatile – Punches wide variety of paper stocks and covers, even tabbed sheets, in virtually any size from
    5.5” x 5.5” up to 13” x 14”.
  • Easy-to-Use – Just load the tray and push a button, no special training is required.
    Simple Formatting – Just follow the instructions on the conversational touch key screen and pre-set standard
    allow paper sizes changeover in 2 minutes.
  • Wide Choice of Punching Dies – Lhermite® original hardened steel dies provide long life time. They can be
    changed in less than 5 minutes. The wide choice of punching dies covers all perforation styles.
  • Installation – Caster wheels allow quick and easy machine placement.
  • Retractable Pins – Eliminates “nicking” at edge of sheets, producing clean, perfect holes for binding.
    Tools Available – Wide choice of round and square-hole punching dies including: Wire-O® wire, Plastic Coil,
    Plastic Comb and VeloBind®.
  • Air-Blow Option – Optional air valve attachment helps separate sheets with static buildup. Air not supplied.
    Voltage Requirements – Quiet 110v single phase 60 Hz. No air required.

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